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My days in the life of a Mediterranean Cruise

If I were to of asked Suze Orman on her opinion on whether or no I should go on this trip, she would slap my head twice and yell “YOU’VE BEEN DENIED!” and slapped me two more times and say and YOU’RE DENIED AGAIN, FOOL!

If I ever listened to my instincts, the inner none psychological voices in my head I would of saved myself from a lot of things in life, money,trouble..etc. But that’s what risks are all about, to go out there and live life to the fullest and get dirty while at it.

For some fucked up reason, well, let me rephrase, in hopes of meeting new people, I booked a trip last minute to go on a gay Mediterranean cruise.

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Is Homophobia a Religious or a Psychological Issue?

First, as with other forms of prejudice, those who hold anti-gay beliefs are more likely to be older, less educated, live in a rural area, and to have less contact with homosexuals. If religious values were the sole determinant of homophobia, then we would expect all religious individuals to hold the same view, regardless of these factors.

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WIND Mobile ~ The never ending hassle

I noticed the very enticing plans Wind Mobile has $40 for All Inclusive service. So I thought I should give them a try. BIG MISTAKE

But god kept pushing me back..and I swear I heard “Noo, my child…stay away..if not I will make it difficult for you and you will see the troubles as an indication to stay clear from them.”

I could be stubborn at times and I ignored the signs.

It might be cheap, but the customer service is…for the lack of better explicit words…CRAP!

I’ve had service and experience with numerous wireless companies in my time; Rogers, Bell, Koodo, Mobilicity, Fido, Virgin Mobile and now Wind Mobile.

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Toronto mom sentenced to 6 years for daughter’s death

**NEWS FLASH to all those parents who shouldn’t be parents!***  Beating or torturing your child to teach them a lesson DOES NOT TEACH them a lesson, you stupid dumbfucks! Why do these idiots not get it?? A horrible parent beats and tortures her child and is sentenced to jail for just 6 years, ONLY SIX […]

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In Memoriam: My Safta (Grandmother) (Revised)

When some keep it private, I am posting my memoriam to my grandmother because I wanted to share with the world how much my grandmother meant to me. As young as I can remember I loved visiting my grandmother. She was a 2nd mother to me. So caring and motherly. Always made sure I was […]

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10 years for Assaulting 21 people.

Over and over again sentences like this boggle my mind. I am not excusing the fact what this douchebag was wrong but I’ve only seen and heard crimes again are not taken as harsh and criminals are sentenced to just a couple of years. Someone who’s actually did time with pedophiles ( a facility for […]

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Is pedophila a sexual orientation?

Let’s not get this twisted here, there are those people, with little intelligence who think ALL gays are pedophiles. Before you come to that idiotic misconception educate yourself, and get out of your fuckin home and learn about the world around you. I’m gay and I have zero interest in children sexually, it’s sick. It […]

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Religious group tries to heal gays to become straight

Here you’ve got buffoons who think that by religion they can change sexuality, hoping that they can change someone to become something “they” want them to be. Only if works that we change assholes into nice people (there are people who are born assholes), murderers, pedophiles etc. Better yet, gays need to form groups to […]

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Why it’s ‘Toronto the Good,’ not ‘Toronto the Friendly’

I like my city but I often complain about. Careless drivers, inconsiderate people and a lot of immigrants who think I need to accommodate to their norms;  my small quiet well behaved dogs scare the hell out of these people.  But above all this, unfriendly people. I must admit, I look unfriendly but I am […]

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Mom charged with attempted murder after boy suffers life-threatening head injuries

Okay…I am not a parent but if anyone had the brains and common sense and were a good parent they’d know beating their child is outright stupid and irresponsible. LISTEN UP! Kids are NOT born bad, they’re raised that way due to poor parenting. Violence in the home, beating your child will make your child […]

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Lawsuit claims hair drug Propecia hurt sex life of some men who used it

For about 8 years I’ve been taking Propecia and then Avodart which is somewhat like Propecia with different chemical makeup, apparently more potent and according to studies works more effectively than Propecia. I have been using it for hair loss. My hair started to recede slowly when I was about 27 and then became more […]

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Why is it so hard to hook up in Toronto?

Last month, a New York Times article declaring the “end of courtship” went viral.

The piece’s central lamentation—that technology has usurped romance, or, as one interview subject put it, that dating has devolved into “a cycle of text messages, each one requiring the code-breaking skills of a cold war spy”—probably resonates, in some way, with the average Torontonian single.

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IQ ‘a myth,’ study says

The idea that intelligence can be measured by a single number — your IQ — is wrong, according to a recent study led by researchers at the University of Western Ontario.

The study, published in the journal Neuron on Wednesday, involved 100,000 participants around the world taking 12 cognitive tests, with a smaller sample of the group undergoing simultaneous brain-scan testing.

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